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Empower Change

Donate Today, Transform Tomorrow.


The Heartland Food Bank is the only local food bank serving Highlands County. Our facility allows our 40 partner agencies access to food that they would not be able to store themselves. Together, we can better serve the nearly 20,000 residents that are in need of food in our community. Though we receive food from local grocery stores and Feeding Tampa Bay, we are financially self-supporting. We rely on the generous community in Highlands county to be able to continue our mission: Let No One Go Hungry.


Your support is crucial to our success. We are grateful for your contribution, Thank you.

Most requested food items

- Canned fruit

- Canned vegetables

- Canned meats- tuna & chicken

- Canned Soup

- Beef Stew

- Peanut butter(Creamy)

- Jelly (Grape and Strawberry) (Squeeze bottles)

- Mac and Cheese w/ Evaporated milk

- Pasta Sauces (in cans or plastic bottles)

- Spaghetti

- Rice

- Black Beans

- Cereal

- Personal Hygiene products

Yearly fundraising

Supporting our goals is essential for positive social impact and community betterment, Without generous donors and sponsors it is not possible.

Program funding

Securing funding for both existing and new programs is imperative for our food bank's sustainability and adaptability. While our primary role revolves around supplying food pantries, it's equally vital to anticipate and respond to evolving community needs through innovation. By investing in forward-thinking programs, we can better address emerging challenges and ensure that our services remain relevant and impactful.

Replacing old equipment 

Old equipment may lead to breakdowns, causing delays in food distribution and potential spoilage of perishable items. By investing in new equipment, we can improve productivity, streamline operations, and reduce maintenance costs in the long run.  Ultimately, prioritizing equipment upgrades not only supports the food bank's mission of alleviating hunger but also contributes to the overall effectiveness and sustainability of its operations.

Warehouse Maintenance 

Warehouse maintenance is essential for the smooth operation of a food bank, ensuring the safety, quality, and efficient distribution of donated food items. By upholding cleanliness and organization standards, food banks prevent spoilage and contamination and safeguard

recipient well-being. Effective maintenance also optimizes storage space, allowing food banks to accommodate and manage inventory effectively. 


While our food bank is fortunate to have dedicated volunteers, the presence of trained staff is essential for effective coordination of operations and adherence to safety protocols. Staff members play a crucial role in overseeing day-to-day activities, managing volunteer teams, and ensuring compliance with OSHA guidelines and other food-handling best practices, Ultimately guaranteeing the integrity and quality of the food we distribute to those in need.

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