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There are many ways to volunteer your time, talents and treasures to Heartland Food Bank.  We need volunteers for:  stocking shelves, checking expiration dates, cleaning, and sweeping.  Our building is also in need of ongoing repairs or improvements which requires the help of qualified tradesmen and/or donated or discounted materials.  

Preserved Food

Sorting Volunteer

The safe sorting and storage of food is a crucial part of serving our community. We welcome volunteers 16 years old and older to sort and stock  merchandise.


Community Service

Don't let a bump in the road detour you from moving forward in life. We work with the Salvation Army Probation department to help minor offenders complete their court ordered community service.

Senior Volunteers

We work with the South Florida State College Retired Senior Volunteer Program. This is a great way for Seniors to show us the benefits of a life of giving back to our community.

Volunteer Using Sign Language



We work with adult service organizations like Ridge Area ARC, Volunteers of America, Education and Empowerment Centers, and Support Services, to provide a volunteer work opportunity to their clients.

Student Volunteers

We welcome High School Students, 16 and older, to come and complete your community service hours. It is a fun way to give back to your community while learning valuable skills.

Day of


The United Way sends other non-profit agencies to help out around our facility every year. There are other opportunities to help keep our facility in top running order. Contact us to learn more.

Please contact us for more information.

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